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The top ten list of China's construction machinery industry in 2017 was announced

the evaluation activity of "2017 China's top ten construction machinery" hosted by China Construction Machinery Industry Association and organized by today's construction machinery magazine was held in Beijing. The event has been successfully held for 22 times (1996-2017), and has become an important channel for insiders to sort out and summarize the development of the industry and market in the past year. It is one of the most important annual events in China's construction machinery industry

1. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress clearly puts forward the development strategy of accelerating the construction of a manufacturing power, accelerating the development of advanced manufacturing industry, and promoting the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and entities, such as monomers, initiators, additives, inks, adhesives, plastic resins, silicone rubber and inorganic materials, which need to meet the requirements of the new national standard. During the inspection, General Secretary Xi made important instructions on the development of equipment manufacturing industry. He pointed out: "we must always attach great importance to the development and expansion of the real economy, and we must grasp the manufacturing industry to grasp the real economy. The equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of the manufacturing industry, and we should increase investment, strengthen research and development, and accelerate development". He also pointed out that "China's economy is changing from high-speed growth to high-quality development, which is a hurdle that must be crossed. Every industry and enterprise should move firmly in this direction. Enterprises should take innovation as their core competitiveness, strive to occupy the world's commanding heights, control the technological voice, and make China a big country in modern equipment manufacturing industry". After learning about the development of XCMG group in detail, General Secretary Xi fully affirmed the achievements of XCMG in implementing the "three transformations" (realizing the transformation from made in China to created in China, the transformation from Chinese speed to Chinese quality, and the transformation of Chinese products to Chinese brands), and encouraged XCMG group to focus on the world's frontier and strive to explore good models and experiences of innovative development. General Secretary Xi's important speech is not only the affirmation and encouragement of XCMG group, but also the encouragement and encouragement of the whole industry. His important instructions on the development of equipment manufacturing industry point out the direction for the future development of construction machinery industry

2. The construction of the "the Belt and Road" has entered a new stage, and the overseas market of construction machinery enterprises has achieved fruitful results.

on May 14-15, 2017, the "the Belt and Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum was successfully held in Beijing. The forum is the highest level of home diplomacy in more than three years since the "the Belt and Road" initiative was put forward, injecting new energy into promoting international cooperation and achieving win-win cooperation. From June 16 to 18 of the same year, the second annual meeting of the Asian investment bank, as one of the important activities of the "the Belt and Road", played an important role in further improving the level of infrastructure construction and connectivity in Asia and even the world, and promoting economic recovery and sustainable development. The accelerated promotion of the "the Belt and Road" initiative has brought a broad overseas market. Chinese construction machinery enterprises rely on the "the Belt and Road" to actively expand international business and strengthen the layout in countries along the route, with remarkable results. In 2017, the export volume of China's construction machinery hit a record high. By the end of November, the import and export trade volume had reached US $21.8 billion, an increase of 19.4% year-on-year. Among them, exports to countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road" reached US $7.86 billion, a year-on-year increase of 17.2%, accounting for 43.4% of the total exports

3. Environmental protection policies continue to increase, emission standards are upgraded, and industry development faces challenges and opportunities

2017 is known as the "strictest environmental protection year in history". The announcement of the Ministry of environmental protection on the publicity of environmental protection information of motor vehicles and non road mobile machinery requires that the environmental protection information related to non road mobile machinery should be disclosed from July 1, 2017

on August 21, the Ministry of environmental protection, together with nearly 10 ministries and commissions such as the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the people's governments of six provinces and cities such as Hebei and Beijing, issued the "notice on printing and distributing the action plan for the comprehensive treatment of air pollution in autumn and winter 2017-2018 in Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas". The notice calls for more targeted measures to do a solid job in the prevention and control of air pollution in autumn and winter, and mobilize the whole people to fight a "blue sky defense war" together

in this regard, the association actively held a symposium on "disclosure of pollutant emission information" of non road mobile construction machinery jointly with the motor vehicle emission monitoring center of the Ministry of environmental protection, conducted centralized training for staff participating in the census and registration of "non road construction machinery", held a publicity and Implementation meeting on the four-stage emission of non road mobile construction machinery in Beijing, and launched the establishment of a special exhibition area for non road four-stage construction machinery in bices2017 A series of activities such as the "four stage emission technology forum for construction machinery" were held to help industry enterprises actively prepare for environmental protection requirements

the implementation of strict environmental protection policies and the upgrading of emission standards have brought challenges and opportunities to the development of the industry

On September 20-23, 2017, the 14th China (Beijing) international construction machinery, building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange (bices2017) was held grandly in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center

this exhibition has set up 12 exhibition areas, including four stage emissions of non road mobile machinery, shield machines, high-altitude operation machinery, parking equipment, etc., which attracted more than 1000 enterprises and institutions from more than 30 countries and regions around the world. A total of government agencies, envoys in China, key users, industry organizations, experts and scholars from more than 70 countries and regions around the world, as well as more than 200 domestic and foreign media came to visit, negotiate Report and participate in various activities. The audience exceeded 120000. The exhibition fully displayed the new technologies, new products and new achievements made by all relevant industries in the whole industry chain, such as construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, special vehicles and emergency rescue equipment, in real earnest, forge ahead and innovative development, and showed the new breakthroughs and new progress achieved by advanced enterprises at home and abroad in digitization, informatization, intelligence, comfort, complete sets, energy conservation, environmental protection, safety and reliability, It shows the new achievements and new development of the equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading, quality improvement and efficiency improvement in key regions represented by Suizhou in Hubei, Jining in Shandong, Xuanhua in Hebei and Quanzhou in Fujian under the leadership of local governments, and shows the ability and level of each exhibitor to serve the "the Belt and Road" and the capital Beijing, xiong'an new area and other high-end markets at home and abroad. Through production and demand exchanges and in-depth cooperation, this exhibition has promoted the further enhancement of the economic, technological, product and service strength of the whole industry, and boosted the brand, market and international influence of all exhibitors

as the wind vane of the construction machinery industry and the big stage of the global construction machinery exhibition, the successful conclusion of bices2017 confirms the stabilization and recovery of the industry, and fully demonstrates the development confidence and determination of colleagues in the industry in the new era and new situation

5. On November 4, 2017, the standardization law of the people's Republic of China (Revised) was officially promulgated, formally establishing the legal status of group standards, and group standards entered a new era of development. In 2017, the standardization work of China's construction machinery industry achieved phased results. By the end of 2017, China Construction Machinery Industry Association had issued a total of 54 construction machinery group standards, including t/ccma "test method for fuel consumption of tire loaders", t/ccma "test method for fuel consumption of hydraulic excavators", t/ccma "durability test of duplex axial piston pump Laboratory for hydraulic excavators", t/ccma "asphalt mixture plant mixing heat regeneration equipment", t/cc The five group standards of Ma "vertical vibratory roller" won the 2017 group standard application demonstration project of the Ministry of industry and information technology, which are in line with the development direction of green environmental protection and the concept of green development advocated by the state. At the same time, the successful publication and distribution of two international standards, iso:2017 sustainability of earth moving machinery part 2: remanufacture and iso:2017 sustainability of earth moving machinery part 3: two tools, also filled the gap in the formulation of international standards for earth moving machinery in China

these machines are made in small workshops 6 Practice society, engineering machinery enterprises rushed to Jiuzhaigou earthquake rescue and rescue

on August 8, 2017, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake occurred in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. After the disaster, a number of industrial enterprises such as XCMG group, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, Sany Heavy Industry, Liugong group, Xiamen Engineering Group, Shantui and state machinery group actively organized and took advantage of their respective personnel and equipment channels to dispatch construction machinery products and related service personnel suitable for rescue near the disaster area at the first time, enter the disaster area to assist local governments and armed police forces in rescue work, and according to the needs of disaster relief work progress, More equipment and professionals have been sent to the disaster areas. After learning of the disaster, the China Construction Machinery Industry Association also acted quickly, and set up an emergency leading group in the association to coordinate and command the relevant personnel of the association to quickly contact the relevant enterprises in the industry, ask about the mobilization of rescue equipment and personnel, and contact the leaders of the relevant departments in charge of emergency rescue work, and report on the preparation of the association and industry enterprises for disaster relief by controlling the temperature of the casting roller. The rush of the construction machinery industry to rescue the Jiuzhaigou earthquake stricken areas reflects the glorious tradition and strong social sense of the construction machinery enterprises and relevant industry organizations that produce large-scale rescue and disaster relief equipment to rush to the front line of rescue and disaster relief when the country and the people need it

7. Large tunneling machinery products are intensively applied offline, and major technical equipment of China's construction machinery has achieved fruitful results

in 2017, the pacesetter enterprises of China's full face tunnel boring machines increased their R & D investment, accelerated the development of new products, and significantly improved the level of technological innovation. All kinds of self-developed large-scale tunneling machinery products are intensively offline, and have been successfully applied to construction projects at home and abroad, which has become a bright spot in the development of China's manufacturing industry

among them, the first domestic large-diameter hard rock tunnel boring machine "Changchun" independently developed by China railway construction heavy industry has been successfully applied to the Jilin pine diversion and water supply project, a national major project, to overcome world-class engineering geological problems such as "long distance, high efficiency, energy saving, high cost performance, large buried depth, large deformation, large fault, high hardness"; The 15.03m slurry balance shield machine with the largest diameter in China, developed by China railway equipment, was officially rolled off the production line and applied to Shantou Bay Tunnel project; CCCC Tianhe company has successfully developed a 12.12m slurry air pressure balance shield machine, which will be put into the construction of Chittagong tunnel in Bangladesh, becoming the first super large diameter shield machine exported from China; At the same time, 21 high-end products and key technology projects in the industry won the annual science and technology award announced on November 14. Among them, the projects submitted by Guizhou Zhanyang power heavy industry Co., Ltd., Hangcha Group Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in China's machinery industry

with the deepening integration of construction machinery manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology

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