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Analysis and elimination of boiler feed pump fault

boiler feed pump is the key to the safe and stable operation of boiler system, and it is an important part of the boiler automatic liquid level regulation system designed and established by using modern automatic control technology. At present, China has more than 400000 sets of boiler equipment, most of which are boilers for industrial enterprises and boiler systems for power plants, and a small part is used in residential baths and other commercial fields. The stable operation of feed water pump is the basis of boiler operation and an important part of modern boiler liquid level regulation system. Once the feed pump fails, it will seriously endanger the operation safety of the boiler, and even lead to major accidents. Therefore, strengthening the daily maintenance and repair of the feed pump of the boiler system has become an important work of the modern boiler maintenance department

analysis and elimination of overheating of boiler feed pump motor: as for feed pump using motor as energy, it is rare to read the report of which rolling mill in the world uses this method to produce strip in batch supply ABS. The fault seen is overheating of motor. The main reasons for motor overheating are high or low voltage, poor transmission, ventilation system failure or unit failure. When the motor overheats seriously, the insulation will be burnt out, and the rotor bar will be broken. Therefore, when the motor is overheated, air should be taken, which does not conform to the unfairness of not damaging, and the connector does not fall off; Obviously use other energy methods to stop the machine for maintenance. If the motor overheats due to voltage, the motor power supply system should be reviewed, and the overheat fault of the boiler feed pump motor should be treated by restoring and stabilizing the power supply. In addition, the poor external transmission will also cause the motor to overheat, because the poor transmission between the motor and the feed pump will cause the motor load to be too large, resulting in the appearance of a small horse pulling a cart. The motor overload is the temperature reduction. This condition must be repaired in time to form unit failure. Thoroughly check the traditional system of motor and feed pump. The rare traditional problems are mainly caused by the lack of oil in the rotating bearing of the transmission system and the damage of the bearing. Find out the fault point and replace it or smooth it. One of the most rare faults when the motor overheats due to the fault of the same subsystem is that the ventilation system cannot achieve the tasks it should undertake due to the damage of the fan, the blockage of the ventilation duct, the wear of the bearing and other reasons, resulting in the overheating of the motor and, in serious cases, the destruction of the coil. This condition must be checked one by one to find out the cause of the fault. The fault can be solved by dredging the ventilation duct, repairing the fan, and changing the bearing

overheating of boiler feed pump body means that the accumulation of residual film pollution will cause production loss: the rare reason for overheating of boiler feed pump body is due to friction caused by bearing damage, perhaps due to lack of oil and poor oil quality in smooth system. Therefore, after the pump body of the feed pump is overheated, we should first check whether the smooth system is lack of oil or whether the smooth oil contains impurities, and then check whether the bearing is damaged. As for the overheating of the pump body that has just been overhauled, it is also necessary to check whether the clearance of the rolling bearing or bracket cover is too small. After the above review, the pump body still emerges. In order to ensure the service life and reliability of the system, it is necessary to review whether the pump shaft is zigzag or the two shafts are not concentric, and at the same time, review the impeller balance, adjust the pump shaft or adjust the concentricity of the two shafts, and eliminate the impeller balance hole, so as to ensure the rotation balance between the pump shaft and the impeller and eliminate faults

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