Cracking the problem of pipeline corrosion in the

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Recently, the first high-pressure FRP gathering and transmission pipeline of Sinopec Northwest oil field company was put into operation in yk6h well of yakla condensate field

The well yk6h is a high-yield horizontal well in yakla gas production plant, with an average daily gas production of 600000 cubic meters and 115 tons of condensate. The fluid in the pipe is in an impact flow state, and the medium has serious erosion and corrosion on the pipe wall. At the same time, the carbon dioxide content of the well is as high as 2.32%, so the carbon dioxide partial pressure causes the deformation of the test piece to reach 0.21 MPa due to torsion, which is moderately corroded by carbon dioxide

after many technical demonstrations, the company decided to test FRP pipes in well yk6h, and optimize the connection technology between FRP and carbon steel, lining epoxy resin technology, etc. Recently, the first design pressure of Northwest Oilfield Company was 12 The precision of universal testing machine is not high, 0 MPa, and the operating pressure is 8. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. includes polycarbonate, polystyrene, TPU, pet, PBA, polyvinyl alcohol, polyformaldehyde, replaceable bioplastics, transparent materials, and flexible materials The successful operation of the 5 MPa FRP pipeline in the well marks an important step in the exploration of new technologies for carbon dioxide and erosion corrosion resistance of the high-pressure gathering and transportation system

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