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Researchers have found that there is another case of new thermosetting materials

being invented accidentally due to accidental collision. Researchers at IBM Almaden research center in San Jose developed a recyclable and durable thermosetting plastic material in an accident. This discovery can greatly improve plastic materials in automobiles and other fields

the researchers established the enterprise library and the law enforcement personnel library. Dr. Jeanette Garcia was the first discoverer in the switching process. This hair should not impact the inclined block on the swing arm violently. Now it is because she uses less than one component in a research project. The result is a new thermosetting material, which is simple in composition but very stable and hard

Garcia's unexpected "piece of plastic" has been reproduced by more multi-function testing machines of Jinan testing machine factory, and the final result is a leap for the plastic industry. It is said that the composition of the material is so simple that Garcia thought at first that this kind of plastic had been made before. More importantly, products made of this plastic can be "digested" in acid, making recycling possible

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