Crain joins the UN Global Compact

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Clariant joined the "United Nations Global Compact"

Clariant, the world's leading specialty chemicals company, announced on August 19 that the company had signed a statement to join the United Nations Global Compact. Clariant will strictly abide by the 10 principles of the United Nations in human rights, labor, environmental protection and anti-corruption, abide by the commitment of sustainable development, and strive to become an excellent corporate citizen. It is understood that joining the UN Global Compact means that the cost is generally high, which means that Clariant insists on carrying out sustainable development activities, and the relevant reporting work will rise to a new height. In addition, as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, Klein can also have a dialogue with other stakeholders in 3.1, which are divided into color (CO) and essence (n) according to the color of lime sand bricks, on further improving the performance of sustainable development - flexible manufacturing efficiency oriented to personalized needs

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