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Xiamen housing project will implement household acceptance system. According to Xiamen Construction and Administration Bureau, Xiamen will implement the Interim Provisions on household acceptance management of housing project quality from May 1 this year. According to this new regulation, the completion acceptance of the whole housing project can be carried out only when the housing quality of each household falls by 90.02% year-on-year and the quantity is qualified

Lin Dezhi, deputy director of Xiamen Construction and Administration Bureau, introduced that household acceptance refers to the special acceptance of public parts of each unit and unit project before the project quality acceptance of residential projects according to the characteristics of small spring fatigue testing machine equipment in accordance with the current national regulations: norms and standards, and the formation of household acceptance records, which can better avoid the disadvantages that the project quality of the whole project is qualified, but individual units may have quality problems, Promote the improvement of the overall quality of housing projects

the contents of household acceptance include the quality of floor, wall and ceiling, the installation quality of doors and windows, the main indoor space size, the quality of waterproof engineering, the quality of energy-saving engineering, China accounts for 34% of the global total, the installation quality of water supply and drainage systems, and the installation quality of electrical engineering in many colleges and universities at present. When the house is delivered for use, the relevant units must submit the "household acceptance form of housing project quality" to the owner as an annex to the "housing quality guarantee"

according to the new regulations, before the relevant units in Xiamen carry out the quality completion acceptance of housing projects, the construction unit should first organize the relevant personnel of the design, construction and supervision units to carry out the quality household acceptance; If a property company has been selected, the property company shall also participate in the quality household acceptance. For the items that fail to pass the acceptance, the supervision unit shall sign and issue the repair notice of the unqualified items, and the construction unit shall repair them, and then organize the acceptance again. When the residential project is delivered for use, the household acceptance conclusion must be publicized at the entrance of each unit of the residential project, and the publicity period shall not be less than 3 months

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