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Clariant, a Swiss specialist in special chemicals, took advantage of the situation and stepped into the headquarters building in Greater China. Clariant, a specialist in special chemicals, continued to strengthen its development and construction in Greater China. On October 20, 2010, the new headquarters and technology application center of Clariant Greater China in Shanghai were officially opened. At the same time, Clariant also announced at the press conference that its new pigment factory in Hangzhou will open on October 22

these latest milestones fully demonstrate Clariant's commitment and determination to determine the industrial structure through demand structure, shorten the delivery time and improve the efficiency of the supply chain through localized production and support services, so as to provide more perfect services to Chinese customers for the reason of this phenomenon

Clariant's recent investments in China include: in September 2009, Clariant invested in establishing a multi-functional production base in Zhenjiang. At present, Clariant has completed several projects in the factory to realize the transfer of some European products to Zhenjiang to meet the needs of the Chinese market. In 2009, Clariant also announced the foundation laying and construction of its new plant in Huizhou Daya Bay petrochemical industrial zone. In 2010, Clariant further expanded the capacity of Daya Bay plant than originally planned to meet the additional needs of customers

"the construction of the new Daya Bay plant is progressing smoothly. Consistent with the original schedule, we look forward to announcing the official opening of the Daya Bay plant in the second quarter of 2011," said Michael willome, head of Clariant's special industrial and consumer goods business unit

under the booming economic situation in China, all these projects can win favorable conditions for Clariant to grow healthily and obtain solid development opportunities in China

The new Greater China headquarters of Clariant was unveiled in Shanghai. The construction of the new headquarters building of Clariant is based on the design concept of "working together under the same roof". It covers an area of 10000 square meters and has a total of six floors. It will become the comprehensive business and service center of Clariant in Greater China, including perfect office facilities and a new paint application laboratory. The new building is located in Hongqiao Airport Economic Park, fully enjoying the convenience brought by Hongqiao transportation hub. It can easily reach major cities in East China through the adjacent high-speed railway and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

the opening ceremony of the new headquarters was held in the newly completed Clariant headquarters building on October 20, 2010, and was co hosted by Dr. hariolf kottmann, CEO of Clariant, and the entire Executive Committee. The guests included the main leaders of the Changning District People's government and the airport economic Park, as well as important representatives of the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce

At the press conference, Clariant also announced that the new pigment factory in Hangzhou will start production. Hangzhou Lily Clariant Pigment Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Lily group and Clariant. Its new quinacridone plant in Hangzhou will officially open on October 22

the new quinacridone plant is another important measure for Hangzhou Baihe Clariant Pigment Co., Ltd. to vigorously develop its business in China after the successful operation of the high-performance azo pigment plant

both factories are located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Linjiang Industrial Park, producing pigments used in coatings, inks, plastics and other fields. Relying on Hangzhou's excellent infrastructure and convenient logistics, the products of the new factory can be easily transported to other cities in China and overseas markets through the adjacent ports of Ningbo and Shanghai

"the establishment of the new plant shows the important strategic significance of China for Clariant, and further consolidates the company's leading position in the high-performance pigment market. Through its two production bases in Europe and Asia, Clariant will be able to further meet the growing market demand for quinacridone pigments and provide better services to customers in China, Asia and the world." Marco Cenisio, head of Clariant pigment business unit, stressed

"the establishment of a new Greater China headquarters and a production base in Hangzhou fully demonstrates our confidence in the stable development of China's economy. Moreover, Clariant's sales in China in 2010 increased by 30% over last year, which also proves that China has become one of Clariant's fastest-growing markets," commented Dr. hariolf kottmann, CEO of Clariant

by the middle of 2011, the energy used by collet accounted for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy. En has completed an investment of about 150 million Swiss francs in the Chinese market in two and a half years

in addition to investing in new factories and related equipment, Clariant is also one of the models of actively performing corporate citizenship among overseas companies operating in China. At the beginning of 2010, the company fully supported the Shanghai WorldExpo by sponsoring the Swiss National Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo

in terms of sustainable development, Clariant signed the "Declaration of caring for Beijing" which is closely related to the development of Chinese chemical enterprises this year. The declaration is the concrete implementation of the initiative of the global chemical industry to continuously improve health, safety and environment (EHS) in China

"with the common growth of China's domestic market and export market, productivity and output are no longer the only criteria to measure success. Therefore, Clariant will make full use of its rich international experience and professional knowledge and skills in quality, safety and sustainable development to support the further development of the Chinese market." Mr. per sjoeberg, President of Clariant Greater China, said that China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in terms of foreign trade exports

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