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New thermal insulation glass coatings crack "light pollution"

intelligent energy saving of high technology

when global warming threatens the human living environment, people have realized the importance of low-carbon life to the earth's ecological environment. Low carbon emission reduction is not only a national thing, but also related to the daily life of each of us. So what can ordinary people do? When we visit the high tech fair, we can feel the intelligence, environmental protection and low carbon that high technology has brought High technology has changed our lifestyle, helping us use smart home and live a low-carbon life

the electronics factory suspects that the circuit is old, but there are still many purchased users who don't know how to stop the application and start a fire. The residential computer didn't turn off the circuit all night and caused a fire How to avoid it? At this high-tech fair, smart electric housekeepers launched for factories, dormitories and residential houses in Shenzhen were sought after. The intelligent electrical housekeeper initiated by Shenzhen private high-tech enterprise jieanxin company includes the special switch for preventing dormitory fire, children's treasure, civil wireless remote palm Zhongbao, etc

according to the introduction, the intelligent electric housekeeper series of the enterprise has 32 domestic invention patents and 6 international invention patents of PC t. A few days ago, Xingyuan Technology Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Kairi group, has decided to cooperate with it and inject more than 10 million yuan to build a fully automated production line in Guangming New Area according to the current standard of building residential buildings. Dongyouyun, chief engineer of jieanxin company, said that it is an inevitable trend for the industry to move from mechanical to electronic intelligence for low-voltage control switches. The electronic switch is used, and the cut-off time is only 300 microseconds when the fault occurs, so as to protect the electrical equipment to the greatest extent and effectively prevent the occurrence of electrical safety accidents. As an "intelligent distribution box" specially designed to solve the disadvantages of traditional distribution boxes, it is a low-voltage distribution box that realizes full-automatic intelligent management. It creatively integrates the functions of intelligent management, scheduling, distribution, control of electric energy and safety protection of electrical equipment. It is the world's first, and can avoid all kinds of fires caused by power failures

heat insulation glass coating crack "light pollution"

how to crack it if you want glass to be transparent and heat insulation without light pollution? The transparent glass coating displayed in the phalanx of "new energy and energy conservation and Environmental Protection Exhibition" in exhibition hall 1 of the high tech Fair has overcome this "three difficult problems". This product comes from Shenzhen Dehou technology, a private high-tech enterprise in the entrepreneurship Park of Shenzhen Silicon Valley University Town

according to the introduction, with a series of self-developed high-tech products, the enterprise stood out in the first China (Shenzhen) innovation and entrepreneurship competition in 2009, won the second prize and won the strategic alliance of Shenzhen chuangsai No. 1 Venture Capital Co., Ltd. What attracts people's attention is that this enterprise has become a partner of this year's Shenzhen Universiade. Its jiayide thermal insulation coating helps the Universiade and builds an environmental friendly and energy-saving track and field competition venue. Dr. lvweizhong of Shenzhen University said that the new jiayide heat insulation glass coating jointly launched by Shenzhen Dehou technology and Shenzhen University completely solves the problem of transparency and heat insulation in the huge business opportunities encountered by equipment manufacturers of core recycled plastic granulators. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high, and effectively solves the problems of building glass energy consumption and light pollution

jiayide nano coated glass can better block the direct exposure of sunlight to the room. At the same time, because there is no reflection, it will not cause light pollution. The visible light transmittance of the film is greater than 85%, the infrared barrier rate is greater than 80%, and the ultraviolet barrier rate is more than 99%. It can significantly reduce the indoor temperature by 3-6 degrees Celsius, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, heat insulation and energy saving. Zhonghua glass (W fiberglass tube/elastic element fatigue life testing machine is mainly used for fatigue life testing of various bellows, fiberglass tubes, elastic elements, etc.)

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