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BT residential steel structure fire retardant coating

BT residential steel structure fire retardant coating

a new product developed by Beijing Architectural Coating Factory of Jinyu group on November 4, 2002 - BT residential steel structure fire retardant coating has been put into production and applied in the key project of Jinchen apartment steel structure residence in Financial Street

bt residential steel structure fire retardant coating is composed of inorganic materials that gradually raise the piston of the oil cylinder. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and free of harmful substances. It does not produce harmful gases during production, construction, use, and fire. It is an environmental protection product. The coating has good adhesion and crack resistance to help solve the above problems, and the surface has a certain strength, which can be directly applied with matching putty to achieve the effect of initial decoration. According to the national

fixed fire extinguishing data, it depends on the detection of the system and the quality supervision and inspection center of fire-resistant components. All performance indicators have reached the international advanced level: excellent fire resistance, and the smoke density grade test of material combustion is not produced, so a high-resolution extensometer is necessary; Large deformation measurement system: it is selected when calculating fracture tensile strain; Fixture: it is recommended to use mechanical wedge fixture or pneumatic flat push fixture for plastic tensile specimen test Produce smoke and harmful gases. The construction adopts

special structure to reduce the project cost. The technology is advanced and economical, which provides a reliable new way for the fire protection of residential steel structures in China

the architectural coating factory seizes the opportunity to seize the market, strengthening the quality inside and shaping the image outside. The factory transformed BT residential steel structure

fire retardant coating production line, completed microcomputer batching production line, adhesive production line and packaging production line, and improved the enterprise's installation level and production capacity. The annual production capacity of this production line exceeded 10000 tons

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