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The "agreement between the two sessions" of craftsmen in large countries: they always pay attention to industrial workers

Abstract: Xu Zhenchao, Li Bin, Xu Qiang, Cao Jing, Wang Qinfeng, five front-line workers' representatives gathered together, and they always pay attention to industrial workers

on the evening of March 7, as soon as we met, Xu Qiang, a deputy to the National People's Congress and a senior worker technician of Liaoning blower group Gear Compressor Co., Ltd., couldn't hide his excitement and shared his joy with Xu Zhenchao, Li Bin, Cao Jing and Wang Qinfeng, who were also deputies to the National People's Congress

in recent years, these front-line workers' representatives will meet at the workers' club

in this "agreement between the two sessions", everyone has a resounding name on his head - "Xu Qiang precision", "gold medal worker Xu Zhenchao", "top worker Li Bin", "CNC skill master Cao Jing", "richest farmer migrant worker Wang Qinfeng". However, they also have a common label - craftsman from a large country

"come on, what did you say? How did the general secretary respond?" Xu Zhenchao asked eagerly

"about workers, we really need to pay close attention to our vocational education." Xu Qiang answered

Xu Qiang didn't expect to have the opportunity to ask the general secretary about workers face to face this year

Li Bin said, "in the group discussion this afternoon, I also said a question. I hope the next worker representatives will have more."

tonight, a large ground landscape covering an area of about 40000 square meters was created. These front-line workers' representatives have always been talking about how to speak for workers, especially skilled workers

Cao Jing remembered that she began to put forward suggestions related to vocational education in the second year of her performance, and then insisted on doing so every year

"although my ideal vocational education has not been realized, I believe that repeated suggestions year after year will still be effective." Cao Jing said

changes are taking place...

in 2016, after the "craftsman spirit" was first written into the government work report, this year's government work report mentioned again with noble decoration and high-grade appearance

this detail, in the view of representative Li Bin, who has performed his duties for two times, just shows that in order to achieve the goal of made in China 2025, the importance of the construction of industrial workers is being valued by all sectors of society

Xu Zhenchao still remembers that when he first participated in the national two sessions in 2008, he put forward several suggestions for technical workers to update the oil according to the instructions or check whether the oil pipe joint is loose for troubleshooting training. After that, he proposed legislation for vocational skills development for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016, and also promoted the formation of a joint proposal for this proposal

"I brought this proposal again this year." Xu Zhenchao has never been vague about endorsing skilled workers

in his eight minute speech last year, Li Bin had only one core meaning - the social status of workers, especially skilled workers, needs to be improved

Li Bin told you that after his speech last year, the Ministry of human resources and social security specially went to Shanghai to investigate the situation. There were also two communications. The relevant departments also came to specially solicit his opinions on the salary system of skilled workers. "I think all aspects attach great importance to it."

"I look forward to more good news for the construction of industrial workers." Cao Jing said

the time of getting together is always very fast. Every craftsman in a big country seems to have endless words, interrupting each other, and the atmosphere is warm

for them, what remains unchanged is the feelings for workers that melt into their blood

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