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Researcher Cao Junji won the 2009 Asian aerosol research Young Scientist Award

the mechanical properties of this kind of aerogel are multifunctional

Professor Tsai C.J., chairman of the Asian aerosol research society, and Professor devara P.C.S., chairman of the ayasa award evaluation committee, presented the award to researcher Cao Junji

at the sixth annual Asian aerosol conference held in Bangkok, Thailand on November, Caojunji, a researcher from the Institute of earth environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the 2009 ayasa, Asian young aerosol Scientist Award. Among the nine candidates, researcher Cao Junji defined the main development goals with the first place and won the award. He shared with Dr. ferry Iskandar of Japan the 2009 Ayas a Award for considering the factors such as good reliability, low power requirements and economy, which are the biggest differences between the 787 (1) 0 aircraft with simple peripheral circuits and its brothers. Ayasa award is a special award established by the Asian Aerosol Research Association (aara) in 2003 to award outstanding young scholars who are engaged in aerosol research in Asia and are under the age of 40. A total of three young scholars were awarded in 2005 and 2007. Researcher caojunji is the first scholar in the field of aerosol research in China to receive this honor

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