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On the morning of November 4, 2019, the party, trade union, Youth League and Human Resources Department of the company held a skill allowance award ceremony in the J2 plant of the industrial city to issue rental and living allowances to 36 employees who obtained professional qualification technicians and senior technicians in 2018, and to issue matching bonuses to Zhang Huian, who won the 2018 "100 excellent craftsmen" fitter group in Changsha

basically in the position of raw material supplier in the industrial chain

according to the provisions of the notice of the administrative committee of Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone on printing and distributing the implementation measures for accelerating the introduction and cultivation of skilled talents in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone (Trial), senior technicians and technicians newly introduced and cultivated by enterprises, in addition to enjoying skills promotion rewards of 5000 yuan and 2000 yuan, the economic and Technological Development Zone will give another 10000 yuan/year Rent and living allowance of 6000 yuan/year for a period of two years. The players who take part in the city's "ten line top 100 excellent craftsman" competition and get the first place and the second to tenth place will be rewarded with 60000 yuan and 20000 yuan respectively for their short life span. This time, our company applied for the subsidy for four types of work, including welder, lathe worker, maintenance electrician and assembly fitter, with a total of 36 people, with a total of 300000 yuan. Huang Zhixiong, the deputy general manager of the group, awarded a bonus to Zhang Huian, who won the 2018 "100 excellent craftsmen" in Changsha. Wu Wenwei, the Secretary of the Party committee of the group, Zhang Aimin, the chairman of the trade union, and Xiao Wei, the director of human resources, respectively, awarded skill allowances to those who obtained the senior technician qualification certificate and the technician qualification certificate

president Huang pointed out in the award: Nowadays, the party and the state pay more and more attention to the cultivation of skilled talents, and regard the cultivation of skilled talents as one of the current priorities, and the policy is getting better and better. Similarly, Shanhe intelligence has also done a lot of work in the cultivation of talents. In the future, our labor union, human resources, manufacturing system comprehensive management department and other relevant departments should also formulate corresponding talent cultivation mechanisms and incentive plans, and strive to create an atmosphere of attaching importance to talents, respecting talents, advocating skills in the group, so as to improve the manufacturing capacity of the group. I hope you will follow the example of the winners, study hard, study hard and improve your skills. This is not only to enrich ourselves, but also to show the charm of our craftsmen

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