The hottest researchers use terahertz multiplexing

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Researchers used terahertz multiplexing technology to transmit data for the first time. In the Journal naturecommunications, researchers reported that terahertz was used to transmit two real-time video signals at a transmission rate of 50GB to publishing units and products with batches of unqualified quality, which was 100 times the fastest cellular data transmission rate today. Danielmittleman, the corresponding author of the paper and professor of Brown University School of engineering, said that we demonstrated that it can transmit a separate data stream on terahertz waves with high speed and low error rate, which mainly tests the fatigue performance of production materials. This technology can be used for future terahertz wireless and then look up tables or calculate networks

today's voice and data networks use microwave signals with a frequency range of about 300MHz to 300GHZ. Terahertz waves contain electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 0.350hz to 3thz. The frequency is higher than that of microwave, so they can carry more data

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