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Washington, Dec. 21 (zhangzhongxia) -- a research team at the California Institute of technology recently developed a titanium based "metal glass". This new material is light in weight, low in cost, can maintain excellent toughness and ductility, and can be used in the aerospace field

this research result was published in the new issue of the online edition of the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences

this research group earlier opened the Asia Pacific 3D printing and additive manufacturing exhibition "TCT Asia 2018" at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. It published a paper in the British journal Nature, introducing a new method of developing "metallic glass". At that time, they mainly synthesized zirconium. However, the density of "metallic glass" based on zirconium is relatively large, which is 5 grams per cubic centimeter. It receives the rotation of normal load and oblique North traction. 6 grams to 6.4 grams, which is still not ideal for application in the aerospace field

researcher Douglas Hoffman said that they tried to use titanium as the base material, and finally developed a less dense "metallic glass", whose density was controlled between 4.5g and 5g per cubic centimeter. Compared with other types of "metallic glass", the new "metallic glass" has no inferior toughness and ductility due to its low absolute moisture content at this time

titanium is cheaper than zirconium, so the cost of this new "metallic glass" is lower

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