The hottest this autumn is not only fruit 8, but a

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This autumn, there are not only fruit 8, but also cat ® Limited Edition Mini dig

this autumn, there are not only fruit 8, but also cat ® Limited Edition Mini dig

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caterpillar Mini dig has won the favor of many users with the characteristics of small fuel consumption and large revenue, and has sold more than 20000 units in China. At the end of August, a celebration was just held in Wujiang, where caterpillar mini excavators sold more than 20000 units in China

Chen Qihua delivered a speech at the ceremony

during the ceremony, caterpillar launched the cat 307e2 limited edition model, and the specially customized 307e2 is for you. Let's review what makes the limited edition cat Mini dig different

Chen Qihua and Zhang Yuling, general manager of caterpillar Wujiang factory, took a group photo in front of the limited edition machine

compared with the ordinary cat 307e2, the limited edition machine has a limited edition customized seat design, sitting on a special seat, enjoying a comfortable driving experience; Special customized limited number car stickers show personality and commemorative significance. In addition, we have specially customized the original hydraulic hammer pipeline for this limited edition product. Cat 308 model will also be given as a gift

limited customized seats

since 2003, cat mini excavators with a capacity of less than 10 tons have become a good choice for users to purchase machines. The sales volume in China has exceeded 20000, which is right for cat? Mini dig the biggest affirmation. Today, cat E2 series mini excavators are powerful tools in the fields of landscaping, pipeline construction, farmland reconstruction, highway construction and so on

cat mini excavator

there are many models of Ca manually operated t mini excavator sold in the domestic market. For example, injection molding has also been successfully used to mold some thermosetting plastics, such as cat 308e2, 307e2, 306e2, 305e2, etc. The cat 307e2 mentioned above is a popular model, which adopts the standard tail and fixed side boom design, and can be called a 7-ton industry model

cat c2.6 direct injection engine

in addition to the limited design and preferential policies, the limited edition cat 307e2 is roughly the same as the ordinary cat 307e2 in terms of overall performance. Cat c2.6 direct injection engine is adopted, with a total power of 41.5 kW, and a turbocharging system, which can ensure comfortable operation at an altitude of 2500m. The high-temperature environment can adapt to the temperature of 49 degrees, and the cold force of low-temperature cold start can reach -15 degrees; The automatic idle function further reduces fuel consumption and noise

cat E2 Series Mini excavator realizes the combination of strong excavation and stable control, which is inseparable from the "high-precision hydraulic" system it adopts. It is equipped with HDH load sensing flow sharing hydraulic system as standard to ensure large excavation force and agile operation. The new generation of multi loop control system will significantly increase the efficiency of the excavator and effectively reduce fuel consumption

construction site

standard blade floating control function

in addition, cat E2 Series Mini excavator has standard hydraulic oil SOS detection port, standard accumulator, standard blade floating control and other functions, which better saves fuel efficiency and makes operation efficiency higher. In particular, the industry-leading bulldozer floating function makes the site cleaning and backfilling operations more efficient and easier

the structural materials are quite excellent

in order to ensure a longer service life, this excavator is quite excellent in structural materials. The reinforced platform is welded with chassis system and robot to ensure more reliable structure. In addition, the reinforced boom is also used to effectively improve the torsion resistance


cat E2 series mini excavators are so popular because of their convenient maintenance. Through the steel hood and two large side doors, they can easily detect daily inspection points and routine maintenance points

cat 307e2 limited edition not only witnessed the important moment when the sales of cat mini excavators (less than 10 tons) exceeded 20000 units, but also incorporated the concept of low fuel consumption and high efficiency into the design of the whole machine. Reliable and durable structural equipment, with smaller fuel consumption in some parts of the pig iron market, the price will fall again to obtain greater benefits

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