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Third party supervision, escort for enterprise informatization

enterprise informatization construction is a long-term and complex system engineering. In the process of enterprise informatization construction, the introduction of third-party supervision is the fundamental way to ensure the implementation effect

first, third-party supervision, the inevitable success of informatization

the traditional enterprise information system is implemented by software companies, or by software companies to provide products, consulting companies to implement, thus forming the informatization implementation of Party A and Party B, the process of which is a game process of both sides' cooperation and opposition. The basis of cooperation is that both parties hope to make the project a success and the enterprise achieve practical results; Software companies gain revenue and establish typical users. The root of the opposition lies in the irreconcilable contradiction between Party A and Party B in value orientation, that is, when the contract amount is determined, Party A hopes that Party B can meet its own more personalized needs, send better consultants, provide better services, and receive more training; Party B's position is to quickly close the case and get the payment back with the lowest human resource cost and time cost and the least secondary development and allocation, so that under the same human resource allocation, more projects can be implemented and more business returns can be obtained

therefore, the risk of informatization project implementation is inevitable. In this way, the success of the project depends on whether the cooperation takes the lead or the opposition takes the upper hand in the process of the game. The general office of the State Council issued the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags (hereinafter referred to as the "plastic restriction order"). In fact, this is the fundamental reason why manufacturing enterprises have implemented informatization in recent years

then, how to reduce the implementation risk of informatization projects and improve the success rate of project implementation? Facts have proved that introducing a neutral, objective and professional third-party consulting service organization as the supervisor to monitor and manage the whole project is an effective method to avoid informatization risks and improve the success rate of the project

second, the advancement of supervision work is the premise for the success of informatization supervision.

enterprise informatization projects are different from traditional engineering projects. From the technical level, they have many innovative elements and cover a wide range; From the perspective of management, enterprise informatization needs to combine industry characteristics, enterprise strategy and management business processes, and establish and consolidate the core competitiveness of enterprises through the implementation of informatization; From the perspective of demand, the demand for enterprise informatization tends to change with the development of enterprises and information technology and the continuous deepening of users' understanding of information systems; From the perspective of implementation process, informatization project is a long process from point to line and from line to surface

therefore, the implementation of informatization project supervision is different from traditional engineering project supervision. The traditional engineering project supervision is often to determine the engineering supervision company after the construction unit completes the bidding, and the informatization project supervision work should be moved forward (at least before the enterprise determines the informatization products and service providers). The earlier the informatization project supervision is involved, the more conducive it is to clarify the needs of enterprises, improve the standardization and standardization of the implementation of informatization projects, and find a balance point between the game between Party A and Party B, so as to ensure the smooth progress of informatization construction and successfully achieve the goal of enterprise informatization

third, a sound supervision system is the key to the success of information-based supervision

establishing a sound information-based supervision system is the cornerstone of information-based supervision work. Whether the legalization, standardization, standardization and specialization of information-based supervision work can be achieved is the key to the implementation of information-based projects. Through long-term practice, e-works has initially formed an information-based supervision system and its matching methodology and knowledge base

from the perspective of informatization supervision content, the main work of informatization supervision is "three supervision, three control, two management and one coordination". (III) supervision refers to the three stages of supervision before, during and after the implementation of the project; 3. Control refers to quality control, investment control, progress control; Two management refers to: contract management and information management; 1. Coordination means that the supervisor coordinates the work of Party A and Party B from a neutral position

Figure 1 main contents of informatization supervision

from the process of informatization supervision, informatization supervision is the process of finding deviations, finding causes and correcting deviations based on technical agreements and business contracts, based on the project plans and implementation plans determined by the three parties, and combined with the internal laws of informatization implementation. By locking requirements and controlling changes, problems can be found in the early stage, and the implementation risks of informatization projects can be effectively controlled

strategic focus: the Department of life sciences Figure 2 information supervision work flow chart

from the perspective of the working methods of information supervision, it mainly includes independent investigation, scheme review, implementation inspection, stage and total experience collection. Independent investigation is to investigate the informatization needs of the enterprise together with Party A to obtain the key points and key points of enterprise informatization implementation, so as to grasp the key points in the process of informatization supervision and maintain the objectivity and neutrality of supervision; Plan review is to review the key documents submitted by Party B, such as research plan, overall planning plan, technology development plan and implementation plan; The implementation of inspection is to establish a sound supervision system, such as log system, regular meeting system, exception report system, etc. (among them, the exception report of the project is the focus and key of supervision). In view of the problems in the implementation, the supervisor objectively makes judgments, puts forward corresponding solutions, and promotes the smooth progress of the project; The project stage and overall acceptance is to review and accept the key points set by the project according to the project implementation plan (the acceptance standard is the key), and make reasonable adjustments to the project objectives and progress, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the project

fourth, third-party supervision, escort for enterprise informatization

the role of third-party supervision in reducing the risk of informatization project implementation and improving the success rate is mainly reflected in:

(1) before project implementation: help enterprises clarify informatization needs and determine implementation plans. Help enterprises choose software products with high performance price ratio, good industry matching, advanced architecture, strong practicability, complete functions and strong openness through correct selection methods, and consider information integration schemes. When signing the contract, 1. The pressure gauge used in the pressure test shall be verified to be qualified During the effective use period, comprehensively consider the interests of both parties, make the contract terms clear, obligations clear and unambiguous, and combine the commercial terms with the project implementation process. Third party supervision can help enterprises prevent and reduce the risks of implementation plan, model selection, information island and later wrangling

(2) during the implementation of the project: participate in the detailed investigation of the project, manage and monitor the project through the forms of supervision outline, supervision report, exception report, suspension order, etc., review at each milestone organization stage, monitor the progress, cost and effect of the project implementation, monitor the experimental steps of Vicat softening point tester, and correct the deviation in time; Timely lock requirements, control changes, and find problems in the early stage; Effectively manage documents and information, promote communication between Party A and Party B, and resolve conflicts and contradictions; Act as a mediator of contradictions, a bridge of communication and a referee of differences; Take the technical agreement and business contract as the criterion to ensure that Party A and Party B complete their respective work and cooperate with each other in accordance with the requirements of the project plan and implementation plan; Fundamentally reduce the opposition between Party A and Party B, promote the cooperation between both parties, and ensure the success of the project

(3) after the implementation of the project: organize the acceptance according to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement, comprehensively evaluate the implementation of the project from the aspects of implementation cycle, effect, cost, documents, etc., and put forward improvement measures to help the enterprise carry out system construction. During the maintenance period after the implementation, track the application of the system and evaluate its benefits

v. summary

to do a good job of third-party supervision, we must select experienced consultants to form a supervision team, and dare to make decisions at the critical moment of implementation. The supervision team must have a deep understanding of project management, be familiar with the situation of the enterprise and the characteristics of the software, and have good communication skills and coordination ability

the third-party supervision is in the ascendant, and will play a role in safeguarding the informatization construction of China's manufacturing industry! (end)

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