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the engine is the heart of the car and the most concerned part when card friends choose vehicles. The quality of the engine is not only related to the power and economy of the whole vehicle, but also has an inseparable relationship with the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle. So what kind of engine is a good engine? Will Nanjing continue to optimize the layout of the heavy chemical industry? Is it high horsepower, high torque, low fuel consumption, or long service life? Recently, we visited two large logistics companies to see what kind of engine is a good machine in the eyes of users

the two logistics companies we visited are both located in Beijing, and they choose Foton Auman GTL super version as the company's main transportation model. Equipped with Cummins ISG engine, GTL super power version has been popular in the market since its launch last year, and its sales volume around Beijing is very high

Beijing shengyouchi is a logistics company engaged in import and export transportation. Its main business is the transportation of steel coils between Beijing and Tianjin port. The fleet has a total of 23 tractors, originally dominated by other brands. When updating the vehicles last December, it purchased 12 GTL super energy tractors at one time

why did you choose GTL super version at that time? Mr. Qu Tao, general manager of shengyouchi, told us that he was very interested in new technology. He had been paying attention to Cummins engine long before he bought the car. When he bought the car, he just caught up with Foton Daimler to vigorously promote GTL super powered tractor equipped with Cummins ISG engine. After comparing the data at the truck home station and the actual investigation at the 4S store, President Qu felt that this new machine was very trustworthy, so he replaced half of the vehicles in the fleet with GTL super version at one time

although the transportation environment is bad this year, shengyouchi logistics has long-term fixed business cooperation with Shougang and Beijing Hyundai Motor, so the business this year will not decrease but increase. Originally, there was one round trip between Beijing and Tianjin port every day, but now there are three round trips in two days. Some old trucks in the team began to have more faults, and we often have to worry about whether we should repair them in advance. This batch of GTLS is very reassuring. It has driven about 50000 kilometers since December last year, and the engine oil does not even need to be changed, ensuring the attendance rate of the team

in March this year, the team began to use Cummins C-Link car coupling system to obtain the fuel consumption data of drivers on that day through this intelligent system every day, and train and adjust drivers and vehicles that fail to meet the fuel consumption target, so as to finally achieve the best fuel consumption of all vehicles. In just a few months, the average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers has decreased by 6 liters, which not only effectively controls the fleet's operating costs, but also improves the overall operating efficiency

in addition, with the help of Cummins C-Link system, President Qu quantifies all management matters in the fleet, and the data such as vehicle mileage, cargo weight, average fuel consumption, fault prediction can be reflected in the C-Link system. With the help of these data, the operation and management of the fleet is easier and more convenient. Drivers have gradually improved some driving methods through daily torque, speed and other data feedback. The fuel saving effect is obvious. They can get a fuel saving reward every month, creating benefits for themselves and the team to deepen the supply side structural reform

next, we visited Beijing Xianglong logistics park in Daxing District. The logistics distribution branch of Beijing Xianglong Logistics Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive logistics company integrating warehousing services, trunk transportation and urban distribution. The enterprise is mainly engaged in special line transportation and exhibition tour services between Beijing, Shanghai and Beijing Shenzhen. In addition, with the construction of China's high-speed railway, especially the "four vertical and four horizontal" construction, it also undertakes the transportation of rescue and disaster relief in Beijing Transit transportation and prop transportation tasks of major events, military parades and other activities

at present, the company is mainly equipped with Mercedes Benz, Auman and other models. In October last year, Xianglong logistics distribution branch purchased 90 GTL super capable tractors at one time to replace the old Auman ETX models

Mr. mazhiguang, the team leader of Xianglong branch, has deep feelings for Auman. The aircraft of the Hanya air crash of the branch in 2008 is also the first batch of tractors of Boeing 777 team, which is 100 Auman ETX. After seven years, he trusts the quality of Foton. However, the comfort of the old model is relatively poor. The bones of the 6x2 tractor quickly fall apart after a trip to Guangzhou, and the fuel economy of the old ETX is not very ideal. After replacing the GTL super version this time, the first feeling is that it is too comfortable. Due to the configuration of airbag suspension cab and airbag seat, the driver and passenger feel to catch up with passenger cars. In addition, the fuel economy of the vehicle is also more ideal. After several months of operation, the fuel consumption of the new car using Cummins ISG engine is 2L lower than that of the original ETX 100km. The overall operating costs saved by the whole team are very considerable

in the fleet of Xianglong branch, there are many old drivers who have been driving for more than 20 years. When they first came into contact with the common rail model of the fourth national railway, they were still driving in the original way, resulting in high fuel consumption. Later, the team installed Cummins C-Link system to monitor the driver's driving behavior every day. Through the analysis of the torque and speed of each driver during driving, it helped the driver adjust the driving method. In a few months, the fuel consumption of each driver was significantly reduced

in order to encourage fuel conservation and reduce operating costs, the fleet adopts a fuel consumption incentive system. Since there is no accurate measurement method, if the benchmark fuel consumption is generally determined by experience, managers should be wary of drivers' being greasy, and drivers think that managers are too harsh, and there have been some minor contradictions between drivers and managers. With Cummins C-Link system, the fuel consumption data can be seen clearly on the platform, where the fuel consumption and fuel saving are clear, and the management is more open and transparent


after a series of visits, it is found that customers trust the performance of Cummins engine, especially the C-Link car coupling system equipped with Cummins engine, which can grasp the operation status of the equipment in real time, comprehensively analyze the driver's behavior, load and road conditions, give users suggestions for improvement, save fuel consumption and reduce operating costs. In addition, this intelligent system can also predict faults, remind maintenance, and guide the vehicles with faults to the nearest service station in time, so as to speed up the after-sales response and improve the attendance rate

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