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The third quarter "XCMG intern": "valve" is now the mystery of global collaborative research and development

the third season "XCMG intern": "valve" is now the mystery of global collaborative research and development

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5 "XCMG interns" opened their first stop of their week-long CEO journey - "valve" world, and experienced the unique charm of global collaborative research and development from XCMG's core parts enterprises

the third season "XCMG intern": "valve" is now the mystery of global collaborative research and development

four party linkage, the hydraulic valves of XCMG products all over the world rely on Dutch AMCA technology, and form a time-varying cooperative relationship of four party joint and global collaborative research and development with European Research Center, XCMG Research Institute and XCMG heavy due to small or unstable workpieces

after five overseas "XCMG interns" visited the hydraulic valve production workshop, Wong Yi tin, an intern from Malaysia, said in Chinese, "this is really a sophisticated production line"

on site experience

strive for perfection and ingenuity XCMG

in order to make the five "XCMG interns" feel the manual manufacturing process outside the modernization, automation and intelligence of the hydraulic valve industry, the "valve" journey begins with the experience of manual deburring

5 interns use different tools to remove the burrs in each hole of the excavator valve. The seemingly simple operation is not simple. When we first came into contact with the deburring tool, everyone said it was particularly novel, but after knowing that this process was slightly neglected, which would cause blockage and damping, pollute the hydraulic system and even cause the paralysis of the whole vehicle, we quickly put it into operation, carefully remove it, and finally use endoscopy to ensure the cleanliness of the valve products

during the process, Lidia told us that this activity was professional and interesting, which also made her feel the rigor of Xu workers' work. Similarly, the refinement and "craftsman spirit" of Xu workers were also vividly displayed on the five interns

Five "XCMG interns" experienced manual deburring, felt the spirit of XCMG craftsman

explored science and technology, and excellent XCMG

interns came to the hydraulic parts industry university research exchange base - Test Center. Hydraulic components verify the reliability technical indicators of products and components through simulation, simulation, working condition test and test, so as to provide improvement direction for products

in the outdoors, everyone operated the simulated mechanical handle of the excavator test in person. Hicham berkouk from Algeria was very excited, "we received one of the war weapons at XCMG hydraulic parts! We were introduced to cutting edge key components technologies and experimental process that advanced to us once again why XCMG is ahead in the market"! XCMG hydraulic parts company not only warmly welcomed us, but also introduced the core component technology and experimental process to us, which once again confirmed the origin of XCMG market

at XCMG Research Institute, "XCMG interns 4. Print content: specimen parameters, experimental data, curves, test reports, etc." came to the vibration and noise laboratory and experienced an incredible auditory feast. Through the explanation of the technicians, the interns showed great interest in this super large laboratory, which can even hear the heartbeat. They took turns to ask various questions, went to every corner of the laboratory to observe carefully, and couldn't help but express their uncontrollable excitement to the camera

American intern Aron is only 22 years old, but he is already a "red" with two social media accounts with more than 10000 fans, He couldn't help but start the live broadcast when he visited the No. 3 roasting furnace, which is a large roasting furnace: "here we are at Asia's largest noise control research laboratory and I am really impressed. I have never seen a high-end laboratory like this before. we are now in the vibration and noise laboratory. I've never seen such a high-end laboratory."

"XCMG interns" personally operated the excavator test simulation mechanical handle

vibration and noise laboratory, which excited the "XCMG interns"

visual experience, charm XCMG

five interns visited the VR room of XCMG national industrial design center, put on 3D glasses, and felt the 3D technology of super simulation under the explanation of teras, a foreign expert in industrial design

teras tells you that with the help of such high-end R & D equipment, XCMG's industrial design, especially the research direction of ergonomics, can make high-quality design and better improvement for human comfort from the perspective of customers to a greater extent. The unimaginable visual experience made everyone exclaim at the cool experimental ability of XCMG

vr feast "XCMG interns" felt the 3D technology of super simulation

innovation management. In the CEO interactive exchange, Chen dengmin, general manager of XCMG hydraulic parts company, told the development history of hydraulic parts and the whole process of manufacturing in China from big to strong with a Xu worker who has been engaged in the hydraulic industry for more than 30 years. At the same time, he used his own story of going to Australia, starting from the evaluation of high-end customers, Tell the profound connotation of the excavator cylinder product "10000 can't be used and destroyed"

intern Aron particularly hopes to see more products from XCMG hydraulic parts in the United States. When the interns asked how to show the advantages of XCMG parts in the highly competitive market environment, President Chen firmly said, "no matter what ups and downs the industry has experienced, only by taking the gold standard as a belief and landing it in the whole process of each product, can we be invincible in the world's high-end market, which is exactly what we XCMG pursue."

in the SLS rapid prototyping Laboratory of the engineering center of XCMG Research Institute, five interns had a cordial interaction with president Zhao Bin, CEO of the Institute. President Zhao introduced in detail the whole process of XCMG's collaborative innovation based on the global R & D platform

the sand mold of the valve designed by the European research center and 3D printed by XCMG Research Institute, which was placed on the interactive site, also became one of the focus of the activity. In order to help you further understand the birth journey of these valves, the research institute also conducted on-site connection, and let Dr. Kohler, CEO of euroresearch, open a "technology class" on the other side of the ocean. He introduced the birth process of "valves" in Germany in detail, and also let you understand what kind of management mode and platform global collaborative research and development is

President Chen of XCMG hydraulic parts company described the profound connotation of the excavator cylinder product "10000 can't be used and destroyed"

attracted bursts of applause from the "XCMG interns"

president Zhao Bin, CEO of XCMG Research Institute, introduced the whole process of collaborative innovation of the global R & D platform

on-site connection, and a "technical class" was opened on the other side of the ocean to tell about the birth of the "valve"

these five young potential CEOs felt the world of XCMG's "valve" from an all-round and close perspective, Although time is limited, the image of XCMG's modern production and international CEO of "global linkage, excellence, integration of China and foreign countries, exploration of science and technology, and innovative management" has been formed in their hearts. Maintain a mysterious and exploratory heart, and "valve" together to show XCMG's different charm

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