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Fangyuan group's 2012 staff sports meeting stimulated the enthusiasm of employees

Fangyuan group put forward higher requirements for the friction coefficient of film in 2012. The staff sports meeting stimulated the enthusiasm of employees

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Guide: in golden autumn October, the sky was crisp, fruitful, and sweet smelling. After careful preparation, Fangyuan group's 2012 staff sports meeting was grandly held on October 26. This sports meeting included basketball games, badminton games Table tennis competition, tug of war competition, bicycle slow race, intelligence answer competition and many track and field competitions Because of its excellent characteristics, it is widely used in the field of architecture

in the golden autumn of October, the sky is crisp, the fruits are rich, and the osmanthus fragrance is fragrant. After careful preparation, the 2012 workers' sports meeting of Fangyuan group was grandly held on October 26. This sports meeting includes basketball games, badminton games, table tennis games, tug of war games, slow cycling competitions, intelligent question answering competitions, and a number of track and field competitions. The number of direct participants is 1200. More than people should pay attention to performance when selecting the manhole cover pressure testing machine

on the morning of the 26th, the opening ceremony of the sports meeting was held in the staff stadium of Fangyuan group. President Gao Weihua, on behalf of the leaders of Fangyuan group, expressed warm congratulations on the convening of the sports meeting, put forward specific requirements for various events, and expected that through this activity, the level, results, friendship and style of the game would be achieved, so as to effectively promote the work of the group, stimulate morale, and sprint towards the year-end goals. The group is required to carry forward the competition spirit of "dare to fight and fight for the first", unite as one, and then work hard to improve the production and operation results of the group in the last two months, so as to lay a solid foundation for the work of the next year

on the court, the majority of employees are enthusiastic, passionate, showing a good spirit of tenacious struggle, pioneering and enterprising, daring to challenge, teamwork, showing the excellent quality and infinite vitality of Fangyuan people, leaving wonderful pictures everywhere. On the field, cheerleaders showed great enthusiasm, cheering cries one after another, inspiring, exciting, and merged into a boiling ocean

the theme of this sports meeting is "stimulate the power to forge ahead and meet the challenges of the market", which shows the cohesion, centripetal force and appeal of group activities, especially at the critical moment of the fourth quarter, which adds deeper connotation and significance to the staff sports meeting of Fangyuan group

through this sports meeting, the majority of employees of Fangyuan group have said that they will devote themselves to their jobs with enthusiasm and passion, create excellent results, and contribute to the steady development of the enterprise

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